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Hiatus again, sorry >:

Sorry to take a Hiatus again, not long after my last one.

Edit: Put two weeks into job and getting a new one; sorry. I’ll try to post sometime soon.

Double Edit: It’ll be a wait on the reply ask-shinyumbreon, if you don’t mind…not that you would have to reply to it of course. xD;

Also sorry Shrike. I didn’t mean to log off when you IMed, I was in a rush. Ahhh….;

(( I tired…so have Nike and Ceru.
:x Acutally I do have a gijinka blog for Ceru but ahahah…i haven’t updated inforever sadly. ))


((you wanted a prize for getting 3 Rahs in a row WELL HERE’S YOUR PRIZE

loser <3))

(( Oh snap you spoil me!! I didn’t really mean or expect a prize sdfdsfsf Yay for Rah Tic-Tac-Toe. lol sdfsf ahhh this made my day. I was having a bad day too at work….then to come home to this sdfsdf thank you thank you thank you Rahhhh.
I’ll have to doodle you up something u vu;;;

Also…I’d rather be a loser then a dork. :P))

That would be awesome! Yeah, lets pla—-hang out! I go by Ceru, what’s your name?  How’d you get that color? I’ve never seen a mew that color before…!


((Posting this because apparently Az’s submit is a dumbass.

Anyway. I don’t give you nearly as much fanart as you deserve and I’m going to rectify that dammit.

Love you, you crazy texan :P ))

(( You spoil me sdfsdfsdf ♥♥♥ Love ya too you crazy Aussie ))

ask-firefly-the-raichu sent: "So Nike your an electric.. mew?" She says letting a few jolts go from her cheeks to the mew. "That's so cool! How'd you get like that?"

Nike: I wasn’t born this way…and it sorta happened without my intention. But..I don’t want to bore you with the details… Uh, Maybe another time?


Happy new years everyone! I will list off everyone tomorrow. For it is 6 minutes to midnight and I have to be up early. I hope you all enjoy tonight and this picture. I almost lost it!

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 sdfsdfsdfdf THANK YOU for putting my dumb little mew in there. Wow everyone looks so awesome in this! ))

jubilee-sanctuary sent: ((Was Nike's mother of similar god-like status to Omni or just happened to be very powerful? You drew her with the same aura of power you gave Omni.))

((Well Eris (calling her this so I don’t confuse my ‘Shes’) is very very old. She is from one of Omni’s lines hints why she does have a very similar aura and power to Omni. She does also have a very similar appear to one of the Mews from Omni’s line as well.
However, Eris is by no means a god or close to it despite being very strong and having a bit of an ancient air about her. 

The way I see it and I’ve talked to Skins is that the older the Mew is the more like Omni they are. The younger, like Ceru for example, the less they are. ))


Art trade with shiny mew !!

If you aren’t following them go do that they’re my biggest senpai

(( Thank you! sdfsdfsfd I love it even though you’re a butt about it! Go follow her uvu I also got the full lineart one after bugging her~ IneedtocutoffNikesTailorsomething))

For anyone curious about Calumon’s voice linkk~

((Not at all, though I admit i’m a horrible mun and have yet to even look for voices for Ceru or Nike.. :D;; ))

Surskit~! Hiya!

Ah… well I don’t really know what happened to him… Terra found me and sorta took care of me for a bit until we were sure the Ditto was gone. Sorry if I worried you….um. I got a little stronger I guess…no where near you and Terra though..

Oh! Tell me about you though! Do you have any new cool stories?